The Lure of the New

The annual conference of the Cognition Institute, Plymouth University, will be held March 20-22, 2013.

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Why do we seek out what is novel? Why do we create new works of art? What is the neural basis for creativity? How does society engage with new technologies? The Lure of the New brings together an eclectic mix of researchers; from biologists to sonic artists, from experimental psychologists to cognitive roboticists to address these questions and present new insights into the nature of creativity and innovation.

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The conference will be structured around seven themed oral symposia and poster sessions. In addition evening events include a reception and CogTalk debate to mark the official launch of the Cognition Institute, and a SciScreen film event. More details about the symposia can be found on the Abstracts and Speakers page.

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If you would like to take part in this conference please submit a title and abstract, indicating your choice of oral or poster presentations and the symposium with which you would like to be associated (from the list of symposia on the programme page).

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Abstract deadline: 8 March 2013
Conference: 20-22 March 2013

Abstract Deadline now extended to 8th March


  • Embodied Cognition and Mental Simulation
  • Current trends in deception research
  • Developments in infant speech perception
  • Engineering Creativity - can the arts help scientific research more directly?
  • Computational Modelling of Brain Processes
  • Sounds for Communication
  • Imagery, Dance and Creativity